22 May 2015

Spring/Summer Vibe

Hi everyone it's good to be back! Here in the UK hopefully the weather will 
improve soon. Managed to catch some sun today, and at last I'm able to wear 
a gorgeous pleated floral midi skirt. Wow white, summers' must wear shade. 
 I love this sheer top. The lace detail is so chic and fun to wear. These will
be one of my summer staples!
Hope you all have a lovely weekend? Stay healthy and enjoy life. xxx

Top :: Zara
Skirt :: Zara
Bag :: Furla
Blazer :: Zara
Shoes :: KG by Kurt Geiger


  1. Love this look especially you adding a tailored blazer, really gives this look a modern twist x

  2. Hi lovely Natalie, I love this outfit, so girlie and elegant :)

    Now, I wrote a blog post “11 Things you didn’t know about me” – it’s a tag game between us bloggers, so I tagged you in as well! Please see this link for details HTTP://WWW.THEGIRLISFIERCE.COM/STYLING/SS15/TAG-11-THINGS-YOU-DIDNT-KNOW-ABOUT-ME

    It’s a lot of fun, I promise! Hope to read your answers in a
    new article soon.

    Saltana xo



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