24 March 2012

Black and white day

 What a lovely day I had. The weather was so beautiful, the temperature was perfect, so I didn't have to wear too many layers for a change. Living in England you learn to appreciate these days!!! Darren took these pictures for me before we went for a wander around town. He is such a lovely guy, he is so patient when taking my picture.

I was wearing my new shoes which I bought form Zara, and the first time I used my new Kelly bag. Thank you everyone for visiting my blog.xx

19 March 2012

Zara Collection

I have been waiting for these shoes quite a while. Finally I got them in store today. I realy love this blazer I think it perfect for spring. I love the style of it, especially the pockets. I hope you guys like my collection. Thanks for visiting my blog.

11 March 2012

Hello Sunshine

Spring is in the air, sun is out, and at long last I can wear my sunglasses.
I only ever had Raybans before, but this year I am trying out Gucci.
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